Hi Rona!

Thank you so much for being so wonderful and easy to work with!! You have been so helpful and I'm so excited to see the finished product! I am praying it fits perfectly and is comfy! Thank you for creating a custom ring for me!

~ Branayn

I have a boy and girl with diamonds and I absolutely love them. I have had them for years. My daughter just had a boy and girl and I passed them to her. She was over the moon to get them. People would stop me and want to know where to get them. I’m so happy to see them around again.❤❤❤
~ Janice Welker

Many years ago I bought a set of twin boys with diamonds for my grandchildren. Eight years later we were surprised by another grandson. When he became old enough and realized he was not represented on the necklace he asked me why. I decided to get in touch with the company. Imagine my surprise when I talked to Rona personally. I love my three boy necklace. You won’t be disappointed.
~ Jeanie M. Rupert Conners

Hi Rona,

Paula  absolutely loved OUR creation.......I attached a pic for you to see.....I am so thankful for your patience and allowing me to work with you.....the piece truly is a representation of us and is beautiful. As a side note ....I was freaking out when I couldn't get the necklace to thread through the bail......I did figure it out will only go through the bail with each stone laying a certain way and wiggling it....close call but all works well.We did some visiting yesterday and she was proud to share it with the ladies.I can not say enough good things about how rewarding it was to go through the process with you and then see/touch the final piece.YOU really created something special with the KIDS.I will add a testimonial to your site soon......I have been moving snow all day and trying to sled with Rory at times......she says I spent too much time working and not sledding....we will sled more tomorrow.

Good bye for now 🙂

Take care , Jeremy

Dear Rona,

We just received The KIDS charms this morning. Thank you so much for all of your help. Sally is thrilled and wearing the necklace and couldn't be happier. The engravings are correct and laid out perfectly. It was a wonderful 30th Birthday present! Thank you for all your help!

-Randy (East Brunswick, NJ)

Dear Rona,

I am very happy with my KIDS. I get compliments on them all the time. I wear the all the time and I love them like my own kids. You were great at explaining to me what I was going to receive, and then I sent you my old charm and you refurbished it to be brand new and sent me the heirloom charm with my daughter on it. Now I have all three of my beautiful children represented with me, all the time hang on my neck.

Thank you for everything you did! I love my KIDS necklace!

-Racquel (Denver,CO)

Hi Rona,

Thank you very much for all your help with designing and creating the most perfect diamond engagement ring. Emanuella loved the ring, the rain held up for the proposal at the garden, everyone looked great, all turned out perfect. Again thank you for all your help.

-Herbert (NYC)


I proposed yesterday. I took her to Puerto Rico for the weekend (it was the first place we went away to together). Took a walk along the beach in the morning and handed her the ring. She was thrilled and said “YES”.

Thanks again for all of your help.

-Emanuel (NYC)

Kareem meet Rona!

It's time for my 2 great loves to get to know each other.

Have fun designing and finding that perfect diamond!

-Florcie (Bklyn, NY)

Hi Rona,

It is very heartwarming to wear my Rona K Corp KIDS because the symbolism is so strong and personal; you created this charm just for me to represent the most precious people in my life. The quality of this charm is very distinctive: the three-dimension feel sets it apart from all my friends’ mother charms! Thanks for all your help creating all the different colors and styles for my KIDS pin!

-Joanne (Williston Park, NY)

My mom has had a version of "The Kids" charm since at least the early 90s. Initially she had the charm with me and my younger brother on it, and 10 years later when my sister was born, my mom added her added on the necklace as well. For this entire time, her "The Kids" necklace has been her favorite necklace. She would often say how she had never seen another one like it in the almost 20 years that she owned it.

Unfortunately, earlier this year she left her "The Kids" necklace in a hotel room when we went on vacation and she was devastated. Her and I spent a lot of time talking about the history behind her getting the individual "The Kids" charms put together to form the necklace that she loved so much. After I had gathered enough information, I decided that it would be a great birthday present for her and set out on a mission to replace the necklace however I could.

Luckily after a quick search on the Internet I was able to find that Rona was still making these wonderful charms. I emailed her the story and she agreed to recreate the necklace that my mom had lost based only upon a few pictures I had of my mom wearing the necklace. The necklace has turned out beautifully.

Rona is truly a joy to work with. She is extremely passionate not only about the charms themselves, but what they represent to the person who is ordering the charm. She even pulled some of her own "The Kids" pieces out of her archive so that necklace would be as close as possible to the one that my mom had lost and that the small, subtle differences between the ones made today and the ones made in the early 90s would not be there. She would always keep me in the loop with the progress of the charm, and even sent me pictures before she sent the charm out. I cannot thank her enough for the work that she has put into recreating this necklace for my mom. I can't wait until my mom's birthday when I can unveil the necklace to her.

-Erik (Lafayette, CA)

I purchased an engagement ring through Rona. Rona was excellent to work with as she gave me her honest opinion of what would work best for me. This was a very big purchase and Rona made the experience less stressful then I thought it would be. Thanks again Rona.

-Emanuel W. (Bklyn, NY)

Rona K Corp. makes the most beautiful jewelry to display what is closest to your heart, " Kids". Not only my children, my grandchildren are displayed on a pin as well. My pin was designed so that I can wear it as a necklace or pin depending on my outfit. Every time I wear my KIDS it fills my heart with happiness, not to mention, all the compliments I receive. It is a timeless and endearing piece put into jewelry. Thank you Rona!

-Ann W Cohen (Jersey City, NJ)

I first received a kids' charm when my son gave it to me on HIS twenty-first birthday - pink, white, and yellow gold boy with a cap and his name on it.  When Michael got married, he added a girl charm with a hair bow and Jessica's name on it alongside the Michael charm.  When the grandchildren came, three boys, Sam, Max, and Alex charms were added, centered underneath Michael and Jessica.  The grandboys' charms each have their initials in diamonds.  I also have the choice of wearing the charm as a pin, or it has loops to put a chain through.

The compliments never stop, and the charm/pin necklace complements whatever I wear.  Working with Rona is like working with a family member; her creativity and ideas are heartfelt and know no bounds.  The kids' charm is always close to my heart when my "kids" are not always close by.

-Hindee (Montebello, NY)

The KIDS on the GO!  JFK NYC to London! These KIDS were sighted at the Airport as they boarded a plane to London!