Rona K. Corp's customer service is unmatched!

At Rona K. Corp, we take pride in the personal touch that accompanies every single one of our hand-crafted charms. But we were particularly gratified by a recent experience with Julie, a Mom and Rona K. Corp customer from Illinois!

Julie’s mother-in-law had just become a grandmother—this time to a little girl—when Julie called Rona and told her she wanted to add a “quarter-pint” KID charm to her mother-in-law’s seven-piece 14K gold KID bracelet.

Rona said that not only could she add a “quarter-pint” kid to Julie’s mother-in-law’s bracelet, but that she’d refurbish the entire bracelet, take off all the charms and re-apply them in the correct birth order. So Julie’s mother-in-law has a bracelet that is as good as new, years after she got it!

And just as importantly, Rona checked the refurbished bracelet to ensure that its locks and bales were secure, which will provide the new/old bracelet many more years of wear for Julie’s mother-in-law.

Julie, already a long-time customer at Rona K. Corp, was ecstatic with the level of “hands-on” attention she encountered. And she’s not the only one! We provide the same type of unmatched service and appreciation to all of our customers. Find out for yourself by visiting Rona K. Corp, browsing our unbeatable selection of KID charms, finding the ones that are perfect for you and your family and contacting us today!