Good Morning Monday!

So … Today lots of little babies are being born!
Congratulations to all those new moms and new dads!
All those decisions to make… a natural childbirth, what to name the baby, where to deliver the baby… hospital, home birth, birthing center! Well, to all those new parents and parents to be… If you need any information you can always contact Rona… at Rona K Corp.
I know it is a jewelry company… but what you don’t know is that Rona has her degrees and professional training in Health Education!
So at Rona K Corp… you get a jewelry company in business since 1990 and so much more!
We are so proud to be part of all our new parents joy and celebration of love!
Today we send out a 14K gold pave Kiss Quarter Pint Girl named Jennifer!
Happy BIRTH Day Jennifer! Mommy will forever have you on her neck and near to her heart!
Have a beautiful day…