Celebrate Father’s Day with Rona K. Corp!

Sure, mothers make up the biggest clientele at Rona K. Corp. But our charms are perfect for fathers as well—and with Father’s Day coming up, there’s no better time than now to introduce the Dads in your life to our wonderfully unique charms!

Rona K. Corp charms are the best way for parents to pay tribute to their children. Our charms not only display the personality traits of children, but also birth order! Parents with multiple children can use our “Build-A-Kid” feature to purchase charms that are sized according to when the child was born. For instance, the oldest child is reflected with a charm that measures 1.13 inches tall, the second-oldest child receives a charm measuring .86 inches tall and the third- and fourth-oldest children get charms that are .70 inches tall and .50 inches tall, respectively.

Best of all, the GOLD and SILVER kids allow children to accompany their fathers everywhere! Make sure the Dads in your life never have to leave home without their adored (and adoring) children by shopping for a Father’s Day charm that the recipient will cherish forever. Visit Rona K. Corp today, browse our unbeatable selection of KID charms and find the ones that are perfect for you and your family!