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Meet The Kids

Rona K Corp’s Kids™ have different
personalities - just like your kids.

When it comes to pendant jewelry, Rona K Corp is the best in the     business. And because each piece of customized jewelry is unique to   each customer, we insist that our Kids™ have different personalities -   just like yours.

HUGS: with arms outstretched and feet together, is ready for a hug. This child is affectionate, happy to play quietly but welcomes friends and family with a comforting hug.

KISS: blows kisses with an upraised arm and one foot off the ground. This child is outgoing, enthusiastic, and loves attention.

LOVE: has both arms up and feet together, ready to be picked up. This loving child makes friends easily, thinks of others, and melts the hearts of grownups.

JOY: is jumping for joy, with both arms up and both feet off the ground. This happy child is full of energy, running, playing and always ready for fun.

The Kids Growth Chart

The KIDs™ are designed to represent birth order. For your first child, order the Kid size (1.13 inches tall). With the birth of your second child, send your charm back to Rona K Corp and have us add a Half Pint, Quarter Pint or Mini Kids, ensuring the perfect personalized mothers' jewelry. For Grandma’s, the Quarter Pints can be connected hand to hand linking her whole family together... As each child is born you can ADD a KID!

First Child:
Kid size: 1.13 inches tall

Second Child:
Half-pint size: .86 inches tall

Third, Fourth, Fifth Child:
ShopQuarter-pint size: .70 inches tall
Mini Kids size: .50 inches tall

Pendant Jewelry Designed for – and by – You!

At Rona K. Corp, we value honesty, integrity and dedication – and it shows in our quality craftsmanship. We offer high-quality, customized jewelry designs for the best prices. For more information about our personalized mothers’ jewelry, contact Rona K. Corp.