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Frequently Asked Questions


  • How do I choose a personality?
    • Look at the MEET THE KIDS page and see how each personality reflects your beloved child.
  • How do I choose a size?
    • Look at the MEET THE KIDS to see the description and the size chart.
  • How do I ADD a KID?
    • If you have purchase an ORIGINAL Rona K Corp. KID and want to add a kid... simply choose your new style kid and send your COM (Customers Own Merchandise) to: Rona K Corp 332 Nassau Blvd Garden City South, NY 11530. PLEASE INSURE YOUR PACKAGE FOR THE FULL VALUE OF TODAY GOLD MARKET OF YOUR KID(S).
    • Before mailing your COM ... please contact Rona at 516 222 2806 to go over the details of the ADD A KID program and to insure that the design that you have created can be manufactured. It is important to understand that not all configurations are compatible.
  • What if I don’t see the color, size, gender and style of a KID that I want?
  • What if I need a rush order and it is not is inventory?
    • Rona K Corp will custom make and rush all orders as quickly as needed. However, certain parts may not be available which will slow down the manufacturing process. If you would allow us to change a color then the order may be able to be fulfilled. Call or email your specifications to Rona at 516 222 2806 or
  • What is the difference between a riveted KID and a stacked KID?
    • A riveted KID can be used with any size KID. It allows the KIDS to become part of the chain, as each child or grandchild is born Rona K Corp will rivot another KID onto the hand of his sibling or cousin... These KIDS will be moveable and are delicate due to the technical design of this necklace.
    • A stacked KIDS pendent or pin is where you take different sizes of the KIDS and solder them to each other ss each new sibling or cousin is added.
    • In both the Rivet KIDS and The Stacked KIDS, all COM will have to be refurbished and there is a charge for that. The KIDS are handmade, hand painted and hand polished. It takes 9 months in nature to create a baby... At Rona K Corp we create our KIDS in 3 weeks!

Rona K Corp. Jewelry Designs

  • How is your Jewelry manufactured?
  • What is the history of Rona K Corp?
  • Has there every been a Rona K Corp. TV Advertisement?
  • Can Rona K Corp. create and manufacture anything I might design?
    • Yes, Rona K Corp is a fully established manufacturing company that has professional jewelers and designers that have been with Rona K Corp for over 20 years.
    • Rona K Corp. will provide you with original designs, highest quality and integrity and can take you from your first LOVE gift to your engagement ring, to your wedding band and then to your KIDS! We look forward to serving you and your family becoming one of the many Rona K Corp valued customers!