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Welcome to the Rona K Corp Family!

With Gold Prices Soaring... and parents wanting to honor their childbirth...Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could make some extra money without having to worry about inventory, display case space or minimum orders? Now you can, by joining the Rona K Corp Affiliate Program. Our company sells hand-crafted and uniquely designed jewelry available only to fine jewelry stores. We offer a wide variety of precious metals and gemstone-enhanced pieces that are sure to please any budget. Now we're offering you the opportunity to make money off the sales of our classic KIDS™ Collection, as well as collections featuring PETS™ and SOUL MATES™ and our Special Designers. Rona K Corp specializes in finely-crafted pendants, bracelets, spacers and necklaces, with some specialty design as well. Visit Rona K Corp web store and increase your inventory in just one click!

Program Details

Here's how it works: a merchant (in this case, Rona K Corp) and a website owner (in this case, you) make an agreement that allows for Rona K Corp's merchandise to be promoted by your site. Specifically, links are created on your site that link back to ours, so that any time a customer clicks on one of our items, that customer is routed to our site. If that customer clicks the link AND makes a purchase, you (as the Affiliate) get a commission.

It's free to join, so there's literally no cost to you - only money to be made every time someone makes a purchase from Rona K Corp.


We offer:

  • 10% commission on sales up to $1000
  • 12.5% commission on sales between $1001 and $2500
  • 15% commission on sales of $2501 and over

Commissions are paid quarterly to Affiliates based on how many sales came from your specific website.